Forever and ever: the fig tree and its journey through time in Nadia Wheatley’s My Place
Peer reviewed book chapter – to be published 2022.

This is not ok
Poem published in Lockdown Poetry: The Covid Long Haul by Liquid Amber Press. Click here to view.
The need for family-diverse picture books
Article in Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS) magazine Connections. Click here to view.
What makes a family? The radical portrayal of diverse families in Australian picture books
Peer reviewed article in Gender Forum. Click here to view.
Out of sight: the censoring of family diversity in picture books
Peer reviewed article in TEXT. Click here to view.
Review: Hasina
Book review of children’s novel Hasina from the Through My Eyes series. Available on the series website here.
The magic of Harry Potter for children in care
Peer reviewed book chapter in Transmedia Harry Potter: Essays on storytelling across platforms. Available at McFarland Books here.
I looked at 100 best-selling picture books: female protagonists were largely invisible
Article in The Conversation (also run by SBS). Click here to view.
Eight Australian picture books that celebrate family diversity
Article in The Conversation (also run by ABC News and NITV). Click here to view.
Call me Jane
Short story in Another time, another place. Click here to view.
Don’t label me
Refereed poem in Bukker Tillibul. Click here to view.
This (married) life
Article in The Weekend Australian Review. Click here to view.
Breaktime in Bundoora
Short story in Stamping ground: stories of the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Click here to view.
AM-UNITY magazine article publications
Consumer conscience: global human rights and your shopping basket
Ethical consumerism
Ethical consumerism: behind the barcode of fashion
Ethical consumerism: the realities of ‘land grabbing’
Ethical consumerism: positive changes through positive actions
Ethics and the meat industry
How to consume with a clear conscience

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